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Hiya! My name is Nitish (pronounced as ni.tish). In a nutshell, I’m a professional marketer at a firm that operates in the innovation consulting space in Toronto, a content writer, and a travel junkie.

I don’t typically like to write about myself. Honestly, I just wouldn’t know where to start…

If the choice were right, you wouldn’t rethink it in the first place

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Imagine you and your friend arrive at a restaurant on the outskirts of town, that you recommended, after a long, tiring drive from the city. As you arrive, however, you’re told that they’re fully booked out for the next two hours.

You have two options here; either find a new…


A reminder for us to appreciate the little things that were earlier taken for granted

Woman in front of a floral version of the Emirates aircraft.
Photo by Shukhrat Umarov from Pexels

The expression, “I can’t wait to walk down the aisle” may not only be reserved for brides or bridegrooms anymore. Especially after what we’ve been through.

In 2020 — at a time where most airlines weren’t placing any effort in creating ads to entice customers to travel, Emirates decided to…

Why B2B companies must find a balance between the two

Two boxers in a boxing ring.
Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

The impact of COVID today may not seem as significant as they were a year back. However, business owners (especially in the B2B market) may disagree with this statement. The pandemic has thrown them off their game, forcing them to adapt to changing conditions and incur serious losses.

The adoption…

Understanding customers will always be greater than your brand

A number of promise locks.
Photo by Morgan Petroski on Unsplash

The digital world we live in has people constantly battling between information overload, noise, and extensive marketing, making it nearly impossible to get your message across, or even be remembered.

Unless you can make people feel good about themselves. I mean who doesn’t like being coddled? …

The tactical move reinforces their commitment towards saving our planet and building a sustainable future

Man wearing a green Patagonia vest
Image by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash & Pinterest, edited by author

If you currently own a corporate-sponsored Patagonia vest or are waiting on one, consider yourself among the lucky ones.

Patagonia’s recent announcement states that they are shifting away from adding custom corporate logos to their vests. The decision is backed by the rationale that embroidering custom logos on the vest…

Why they can impact your business and how to navigate through them

A single blue fish in the ocean merged with a picture of a number of red fish in a pond
Original images by Ursula Krapf on Unsplash and Jeremy Cai on Unsplash, edited by the author.

The blue ocean strategy is considered one of the holy grails of marketing.

Most businesses often want to adopt this strategy while starting out. Honestly, who wouldn’t like to be part of a new, high-growth, uncontested market where the competitors are made to look irrelevant? …

Nitish Menon

Marketer writing about business, marketing, strategy, and other experiences from life.

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